IPC Improving Learning Series: Using the Assessment for Improving Learning Toolkit 

  • For Teachers and Leaders
  • Format: Self-Study
  • Online Study Time: 3 hours
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Cost: Free
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What's included?

  • Strategies to support Assessment for Improving Learning
  • Videos and downloadable resources
  • Explanations and usage guidance
  • Self-led content
  • IPC community engagement

How to Use the Assessment for Improving Learning Toolkit

Assessment is integral to the Process to Facilitate Learning and  the IPC provides an Assessment for Improving Learning Toolkit to support educators as they lead, track and improve learning for the children in their classroom. This episode supports you to use rubrics and Learning Advice more effectively with your learners.

Increase Your Assessment Skills

Through this self-led episode of the IPC Improving Learning Series, you will add skills and strategies to your teaching toolkit. You will be able to use what you learn in this episode to support using rubrics for self, peer and teacher assessment in your school or classroom.

How the Episode is Structured

This IPC Improving Learning Episode is intended to be used by individuals or small groups for professional development opportunities. 

This episode promotes action research through a three-part structure:


Explore the videos and downloadable resources provided with the episode. Learn about the impact on learning and learners.


Test and Trial

Use guidance provided to plan and trial an initiative in your classroom. Record observations to help evaluate impact.


Reflect and Extend

Use the reflective questions to evaluate the impact and decide what needs to happen next. Share what you have learned with the wider IPC community.