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Nurturing the Disruptors, Empowering the Change-Makers

We invite you to watch our engaging webinar presented in partnership with 8billionideas where we will explore why it's never too early to start entrepreneurship education and fostering a mindset of creativity, resilience and problem-solving with your learners. 

Our Webinar Speakers


We are proud to announce our partnership with 8billionideas to enhance our International Curriculum and launch “The Critical Curriculum”, which will be structured around a suite of learning pillars rolled out over the next few years.

The first learning pillar to be introduced will focus on Entrepreneurship and will help learners to build a solid, holistic foundation on entrepreneurial skills. 

David Harkin

CEO and Founder of 8billionideas

Lee Hendricks

Head of the IMYC

Laura James

International Curriculum Co-ordintor
(IEYC Lead)
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The International Curriculum Association

This webinar is brought to you by the International Curriculum Association to support you in improving learning in your school!
Patrick Jones - Course author