Live webinar and panel discussion

Embracing Multilingualism as a Key: A Journey Towards Linguistic Inclusion

We invite you to join us on June 4th at 13:00 UK time for an enlightening webinar where we will explore a school's journey towards inclusion through multilingual philosophy and pedagogy. 
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Webinar focus

Learn From Other Educators From Around the World

Hear as our panel of experienced educators share about their own experiences related to multilingualism and describe several developmental phases in multilingual language philosophy and practice that led them to embrace their current views and practice of inclusive linguistic multilingualism. Through this reflection, they hope to encourage others to consider their own school and classroom practice in relation to multilingualism. 

Our Panel of Experienced Educators:

Catherine Copeland

Director of Global EDGEucation, ICA Consultant, Trainer and Accreditation Leader

Niki Cooper-Robbins

Ph.D. Candidate, Educational Development Consultant​, 25+ years experience as English Language Learning (ELL) Coordinator
Brought to you by

The ICA Outreach & Development Team

This webinar series is brought to you by the ICA International Outreach and Development Team. Their aim is to inform schools around the world about the benefits of the International Curriculum and support them through the initial stages of their journey with implementation.
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