International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)
Level 2: Embedding

  • For Teachers
  • Level 2: Embedding
  • Study time: 15 hours
  • Trainer Facilitated
  • Earn a Certificate
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What's included?

  • 6 modules
  • Possibility for certification
  • Engaging discussions
  • Course facilitation by an ICA Trainer
  • Interactive videos and activities
  • Learning at your own pace

Embed the IMYC

This online course aims to deepen teachers' current knowledge, skills and understanding of the IMYC. An ICA Trainer will support you in engaging with the content and discussions throughout the course to support your embedding of the curriculum.

Improve Student Learning

This course is designed for all IMYC teachers who have taken the Level 1 course and are currently using the IMYC in their classrooms. You will be asked to reflect on your current classroom practices in order to identify ways to further improve student learning.

ICA Trainer Facilitation

Throughout this online course, an experienced ICA Trainer will support your learning by engaging with discussion points, providing feedback on activities and tasks and encouraging your progress through the modules. 
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Course Overview

In this course you will:

Know about the Foundations that underpin the IMYC

You will extend your knowledge about the Seven Foundations that underpin the IMYC, the neuroscientific research behind the Foundations and how these Foundations are interlinked to support student learning.

Be able to use the IMYC Implementation Guide to improve learning

You will be able to locate and use the Implementation Guide, among other useful tools, to reflect on your current teaching provision and practice in order to improve and embed the IMYC in your setting.

Understand the different types of assessment in the IMYC and how they impact learning

You will deepen your understanding of the different types of assessment in the IMYC and how they can be used effectively to improve learning and feedback.
improve student learning in your classes

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