'Glocalise' Your Curriculum

Discover diverse approaches to 'glocalising' a curriculum in this prerecorded webinar. Learn from educators and leaders of the International Curriculum as they share their experiences and ideas with 'glocalising' and consider ways you too can 'glocalise' your curriculum! 
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What's included?

Context for learning

Learn about the term 'glocalisation', the characteristics of a 'glocalised' curriculum and what that implies for education and schools today.

50 minute webinar

Watch a prerecorded webinar where special guests share their own experiences and successes with 'glocalisation' in their own school contexts.  

Practical application

Reflect on your learning with a series of guided questions that support you to self-analyse how far along your school is in the process of 'glocalising'.
Outreach & development team

Unlocking Potential With the ICA

This webinar series is brought to you by the ICA International Outreach and Development Team. Their aim is to inform schools around the world about the benefits of the International Curriculum and support them through the initial stages of their journey with implementation.
Patrick Jones - Course author

With Special Guests

Daiana Rangel

Bilingual and Early Years Coordinator

With over 20 years of experience as a teacher, leader and mentor, Daiana shares her experience with 'glocalising' and using the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) at Great International School in Brazil.

Marianne Taylor

Head of Primary

Having previously been an IPC Coordinator in London and currently positioned as the Head of Primary at the Academia Británica Cuscatleca in El Salvador, Marianne shares a unique perspective on 'glocalising' with the IPC. 

Carolina Aviles

IPC Coordinator and Teacher

As a Year 1 educator for over 33 years and now an IPC Coordinator at the Academia Británica Cuscatleca in El Salvador, Carolina shares her views on how 'glocalising' a curriculum directly impacts learners.